Suriname Software Development Center N.V.


Suriname Software Development Center NV (SSDC NV) is located in Suriname is experienced in Software development for Surinamese and European clients. We use various development platforms:

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Java
  • PHP
  • MS SQL
  • MySQL
We are speciliazed in desktop, web and mobile solutions. We have built a custom framework which can be used in various projects enabling fast software development. This framework is also tested, so using the framework enables a more reliable system. We also demonstrate our expertise on our demos page.

The Development Process

We use the Test-Driven Development (TDD) methodology. Our first step during the development process is to investigate the needs/requirements of the client for the system. Then we develop a part of the system, which is then released in a test environment for the client. The client can then provide feedback based on the test version. This feedback is then used to improvise the software to better match the needs of our client. During this process the software is tested continuously.

During the development of the software, automated test scripts are developed to test the software automatically. This enables fast error detection. Every time a developer changes code and checks it in, a build is triggered. During the build the code is compiled and tested using the automated tests. If a test or if compilation fails, the built fails, which generates a mail to the developer notifying him that he introduced a breaking change. Doing so we can guarantee that no breaking changes are introduced.


We use the MVC design pattern, when building software. This enables layered-development and more automated testing to ensure integrity. The layers used are:

  • Model: (entities), this forms the basis of the software.
  • Controller, this layer is used to perform manipulations of the model.
  • Presentation, the user-interface of the system.
Using the MVC design pattern provides the ability to use various user-interfaces without having to change program logic. So we could build a web application and a desktop application using the same program logic without having to change much (enabling low development costs). Please see the figure below for more details.
MVC Explanation