Suriname Software Development Center N.V.


SSDC NV is located in Suriname and is specialized in the development of customized software. Our goal is to help our clients to automate their business processes as efficient as possible. Besides automating, we also build customized websites, like Content Management Systems (CMS), Webshops, Online Services, among others.

During the development process, the software is continuously tested, which enables us to deliver highly reliable systems. We use a custom framework, which can be used among various projects which can speed up software development. As soon as a stable release is available, we publish the system for our clients to enable them to work with with the system and provide feedback. This feedback is then used to customize the software to the needs of the client. Click here to read more about our services.
Please view our portfolio to gain insight in our experience.


View our demos at to gain inisght in our expertise in various areas of the software development.


High quality web, desktop and mobile solutions for an affordable price:

  • Satisfied clients.
  • We develop highly reliable software.
  • Support within 24 hours.
  • Free support for a period of time (depending on contract duration).
  • Technologies used: Microsoft .NET, Java, PHP.
  • Use of framework, which enables fast software development and the production of reliable and maintainable systems.
  • Clients get to work with the system long before the system is online, so their feedback can be used to build the system they really need.

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